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An Open Letter To Current Members!


As many of you may know, Pat and I have been the behind the scenes worker bees for the Oil Pastel Society for several years now and after much consideration, we feel that its time for the Society website to evolve. The current members will not have to pay dues for the coming year. In fact, no renewal membership dues will be collected in the future!! New members will need to pay a small fee of $20 to have a gallery set up. Requests for Professional status will be considered with new members but Signature Status will be granted to members who have continued with the Society and worked to improve their artwork and who have continued to further oil pastels as a fine art medium.


The Society will continue to be a resource for oil pastelists with links to demonstrations, forums, art suppliers, and other informational sites. The forum at WetCanvas.com will continue to be a vital resource for all who want to gain more knowledge of the medium and interact with other artists who work with the medium. And the FaceBook group will be a great way to show off recent work and interact with others.


The Oil Pastel Society was formed at a time when most artists were unaware of the archival properties of the medium. Thru years of expanding the knowledge and showing the incredible versatility of oil pastels, it has become an accepted medium in many shows across the country. A number of members have shown their works, won exceptional awards and been featured in art magazines. With these achievements in mind, Pat and I decided to take the website in a new direction. The decline in membership cannot support the annual show with financial awards so I think it fitting that our 10th year anniversary show highlights the best of who we are as a Society.


The Society and its membership will be sustained for as long as it can financially support itself. It has been a labor of love for the past ten years and I hope it continues to inspire and encourage artists to give the oilies a try!



We Invite You...


to become a part of this active international organization of artists seeking to further the advancement of oil pastels as a fine art medium.  Click the "How To Join" link to learn more about membership in the only online Oil Pastel Society!



 As A Member you'll find...


exciting news and information about upcoming shows, workshops, and any other events involving the oil pastel medium. The Oil Spiel is now featured as a blog hosted by Pat Isaac. Information from the membership will be posted. You can sign up by choosing the Oil Spiel link on this page. Read it online or subscribe for email delivery. If you're on Facebook, consider participating with the Oil Pastel group. A link is provided.



An Artist Gallery....


is a special feature available to all members. By clicking on the OPS Member Artist link, you will find our listing of artist members. To view each gallery, simply click on the name of an artist. We offer an Associate Membership for all who wish to showcase their oil pastels in the Society and a juried Professional and Signature Members.


After the initial membership fee, there are no renewal dues. Your gallery can be removed upon request at any time.


We are dedicated...


to creating a society that meets the needs of our members and we would like to hear from you! If you have questions or would like to offer suggestions, please email us at...


Membership @ oilpastelsociety.com





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