In November I gave an OP demonstration to the Abington Art Association which is located in Abington, MA. The demonstration was 2 hours long and there were 15 members present, none of whom had ever used OPs or knew much about them. I began my demo by showing them some various kinds of paper and OPs (obviously not all of them, but a good assortment of the major professional brands). I explained the qualities and properties of each and passed them around so they could experiment for themselves.

Some of the tools that I use were talked about. i.e. oil pastel pencils, tortillons, palette knife, turpentine and brushes, color shaper, and Ops, of course.


The picture that I chose to work on was relatively simple in color and composition, an egret in reedy marshland. This would work up fast in the time allotted so that some results could be seen. I had already done the drawing with white oil pastel pencil on dark green colorfix paper, approximately 12x 18. I began by quickly roughing in the basic colors over the entire piece. I explained that I like to put color over the whole piece first so that I have an idea of where I am going and can relate one area to another. Then, important sections were brought more into focus, such as the egret, some background and the reeds.

While I worked questions were asked and after an hour and half they broke for refreshments. More questions were asked and I did a little more detail work on the background.

This is the result of about one and 1/4 hours work and the egret is still being worked on. The group was very interested in oil pastel as a medium and many were going to try them.

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